Yichang Travel Guide

Yichang, the border of upper and middle of Yangtze River, is known as one of the ports and destinations of Yangtze River Cruise and its attraction - Three Gorges Dam. Read more...

     Top Things to do in Yichang

Yichang is a city that’s blessed with natural resources and remarkable beauty. You can easily enjoy your holidays and relax whilst your kids learn about Yichang’s historical relics along with modern architecture and water conservancy projects.

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     Yichang Attractions

The Yangtze River runs through the city of Yichang and creates many natural reserves along its path. The most magnificent one is the Three Gorges Dam which is the world’s greatest hydroelectric dam.

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     Yichang Food

Yichang is famous for Yangtze River-Sanxia dishes, best known for their distinctive use of salt and spices. Special dishes includes the Sanyou Spirit Chicken (Sanyou shenxianji), which is said to be the favorite food of Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe, the best known poets of the Song Dynasty and visitors to SWestern Food Restaurant, Yichang anyou Cave.

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     More About Yichang

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