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Located in southeastern China, Huangshan City is at the southern part of Anhui Province, with Zhejiang Province to its east and Jianxi Province to its south. With a population of 1.4 million and an area of 9807 square kilometers (3786 square miles), Huangshan City is about 15 times the size of Singapore, and is the largest city of Anhui Province. It consists of 3 districts (Huangshan, Huizhou and Tunxi) and 4 counties (Qimen, Shexian, Xiuning and Yi). Read more...

     Top Things to do in Huangshan

Located within the Anhui Province, Huangshan comprises of a mountain range consisting of thirty-six peaks that stand at more than 1800m above sea level. The city can be referred to as somewhat of a natural wonder because of its magnificent scenery and distinguishing local features.

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     Huangshan Attractions

Huangshan not only consists of an incomparable landscape of rivers and mountains, but also a good sum of human scenery representing ancient Chinese culture.

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     Huangshan Entertainments

Entertainment in Huangshan is relatively limited considering its mountainous geography. But in the Huangshan City, a city 70 KM from the mountain area is home to teahouses and opera houses.


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