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Yichang Restaurants

Taohualing Restaurant Chinese Dining Hall
Situated on the second floor of Taohualing hotel, the Chinese dining hall serves typical Three Gorge style food - such as Dry noodles, dried bean curd, Beef noodles and Wuchang fish.
Yansha Restaurant
Yansha is a famous restaurant chain in Hubei Province. The restaurant has European style decoration and serves a variety of food including Sichuan, Hunan, Cantonese cuisine, which also merges in the Three Gorges style.
Banquet Restaurant
With the traditional Chinese culture decoration, the Banquet restaurant serves Sichuan food and local food.
Prince Restaurant
Prince Restaurant is one of the largest restaurants in Yichang city. The restaurant decorated in European. It serves Sichuan food, Hunan food, Canton food and local food.
Shalongyan restaurant
Located at Xiling No.1 Road of Yichang City, Shalongyan Restaurant is famous for its Hubei cuisine. The classic dish in the restaurant is Yellow bone fish with tomato hotpot.

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