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Yichang Shopping


Yichang is located in the upstream of Yangtze River, with subtropical monsoon climate, and with many hills around the city, the typical climate and geography helps tea trees and fruits growing, their local specialties has mandarin, Kiwi, and persimmon; the well-known tea produce from Yichang are spring eyebrow tea, Xiazhou green tea, and Jasmine tea, Yihong Kongfu tea, and cactus tea; as well as Chinese herbal medicine-dark red gastrodia elata; and the local flavor snacks-sweet crisp Chinese herbaceous peony. The popular commercial shopping centers in Yichang are New Era Shopping Center located in Jiefang road, the International Trade Building at Xiling road, as well as the tea wholesale market located in Yiling. Those shopping centers are providing the good quality local specialties with the affordable price.

What to buy in Yichang

Wufeng Tea

Wufeng is home to Chinese tea. Wufeng Tujia minority autonomous county is located in subtropical monsoon zoon with humidity climate, the minimum altitude of this area is 150 meters above sea level, and the maximum is up to 2,320 meters. The hills are surrounded with fog all year round, and abundant rainfall, mild climate formed an exceptional natural condition for the good tea tree growing.

Yichang Mandarins

Yichang is produces mandarins for a long history. It has been approved that people cultivated mandarin trees in Yichang has more than 2000 years, thanks to the tropical climate and good environment, Yichang now is the NO.1 mandarin production city in Hubei Province. In 1991, the production of mandarins has been reached to 130,000 tons. With the development of mandarin planting industrial; now you can find more than ten types of mandarins selling in the market.


Pears are the local specialty which produce in Baili Town, Yichang Province. It is well-known by its big size as a punch, as sweet as peach, and as soft as water caltrop. In 1995 it was registered trademark as "Baili Zhou" pear, and has been recognized as best-selling brand in the market.

Where to buy in Yichang

International Trade Plaza (Guo Mao Da Sha)
It is the largest multiple shopping center in Yichang city.
Address: No.106 Dongshan Road, Yichang

Yichang Commercial Shopping Center (Yichang Shang Chang)
Yichang Shopping Center is a popular commercial shopping center which has established for many years.
Address: No.108 Dongshan Road, Yichang

Time Square Shopping Mall (Shi Dai Guang Chang)
This is a new establishing shopping mall; you can find many local specialties and high-end brand products here.
Address: in the middle of Yichang pedestrian street, Jiefang Road, Yichang.

All Shopping in Yichang

Yichang Taozhu Road Night Market

  Located in the Jiefang Road of Yichang City Center, Taozhu Road Night Market is famous for its local snacks. When night falls, the night market becomes crowded with hungry people. The local pe...
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