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In the past, Shanghai has got the name as Paris of China and Queen of the Orient; city of quick riches, ill-gotten gains and fortunes lost on the tumble of dice; the domain of adventurers, swindlers, gamblers, drug runners, idle rich, dandies, tycoons, missionaries, gangsters and backstreet pimps; the city that plots revolutions and dances as the revolution shoots its way into town - Shanghai was a dark memory during the long years of forgetting that the Communists visited upon their new China. Read more...

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Chongqing is a municipality, located in southwest China, is home to over 28 million people and one of the five national central cities of the People's Republic of China. Many scenic boats trip depart from this area and make their way downstream to the Three Gorges Dam. There is so much to see and do in Chongqing, that one can feel overwhelmed at first.

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Although Shanghai is regards as modern city, it also has lots of scenic spots to visit. Travellers can enjoy its beauty while experience its diversified.

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     Shanghai Food

Chinese cuisine, known as the "ninth art", ranks one of the best in the world, whereas, Shanghai cuisine ranks high in China. This is the high appraisal of famous Chinese and Shanghai food made by foreign friends who are familiar with China and Shanghai.

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