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Yichang Nighlife

The nightlife in Yichang is bustling and colorful. Tujia people are a main minority in Hubei Province and they are good at dancing and singing. The unique Changyang dancing show, adapted from the local funeral dances, is always enjoyed by visitors.
Bars, disco, KTV, and other places of entertainment are popular.

Bars & Pubs
Suhe Nightclub
Address: Jiefang Road, Yichang
No.1 Nightclub
Address: juncture of Xiling road and Dongshan Street, Yichang
Tango Nightclub
Address: Yunji Road, across the road from the Jiefang Cinema, Yichang

Hongfan Club (nightclub style bar)
Address: Yunji Road near the overpass on Yunji Road and Jiefang Road, Yichang

Club 66 (nightclub new concept bar)
Address: Jiefang Road near Times Square, Yichang

Dragon Bar (modern bar)
Address: Ermalu Road, opposite Diamond Times KTV, Yichang

Happy Hometown Bar
Address: Jiefang Road near overpass, Yichang

KTV (karaoke)
Diamond Times KTV
Address: Corner Yangjiang Road and Ermalu Road, Yichang

Club Deluxe KTV
Address: Zhenzhu Road

David Café
Address: Ermalu Road, Yichang

Beaner Coffee
Address: Yunji Road, opposite Tango Nightclub, Yichang

Highpoint Coffee
Address: Jiefang Road, in the new Times Square pedestrian mall, Yichang

Old Street Coffee
Address: Ermalu Road, Yichang

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