Wuhan is one of typical garden cities in China with hundreds of hills are all over the city, and almost 200 lakes are settled between them.
The world third largest river-Yangtze River and its largest tributary of Han River are joint in this city, Wuhan lies along the river and compose by Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang three towns, the Chinese great poets in Tang dynasty-Li Bai has creatived a poet said "blowing Jade Flute in the yellow crane Tower, plum blossom in the may day in river city", so that this large central city in hinterland of China has been praised as "River City" since ancient times. Read more...

     Top Things to do in Wuhan

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province in China accommodating a major port on Yangtze River. The city consists of a number of sights and attractions that are visited by tourists every year. Along with the many universities in Wuhan, you could also visit its beautiful parks and historical places to get a taste of the oriental culture in person.

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     Wuhan Attractions

Wuhan is enriched with a variety of sights with a few slightly more popular than others.

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     Wuhan Food

Wuhan style cuisine focuses on preparation, cooking time and the appearance of dishes. Fish and shellfish are especiaThe places for tea on the beach, Wuhanlly good. Snacks such as buns and omelets are also popular here. For cheap food, search around the little back streets near the university.

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     More About Wuhan

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