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Wuhan Shopping

Jianghan Road Commercial District
The district, just like Wangfujing of Bejing or Nanjing Road of Shanghai, is the Busiest commercial district in Wuhan. The older Scattered around are big-scale department store such as Zhongxin Department Store, shops, specialized stores and fast food restaurants of all sorts, post offices, banks and other financial institutions. At the join of Zhongshan Avenue and bookstore-Wuhan Books Shopping Town. At night, illuminated brilliantly and crowded with people.

Hanzhengjie Small Commodities Market
Being the origin of Hankou district and having a history for more than 500 years, this commercial district is one of the oldest streets in Wuhan. Located on the north bank at the join of the two Rivers and enjoying the advantage of the golden water course, it has the convenience of 18 docks handling river cargoes and 15 long-distance bus stations close by going directly to more than ten provincial cities and over 2000 county towns. It is the biggest collecting and distributing market for small commodities.


Turquoise means "Turkish stone". The Sky blue to bluish green Turquoise is porous,so contact with liquids, oils or even perspiration should be avoided. Jewelry made with turquoise should be removed before washing hands, etc.. The pure blue color is rare, most stones contain the matrix from which it was found. Although the stones without matrix are rarer and more valuable, many people find the black matrix attractive, and makes the stone unique.

Gao Hongtai Copper Gong
The gong is the traditional product of the Wuhan Gong Factory with a history of 70 years. They made a grand gong with diametre of 135 cm for the German Berlin Symphony Orchestra in 1979.In 1995 the German Hungrica Symphony Orchestra especially visited the factory while they played in Wuhan, and ordered more than ten percussion instruments and a grand Gao Hongtai Gong.

Lusong Jade Sculpture
Lusong Jade is a rare jade shaped like green nuts. The best one is “Yungai Jade” mined from YunCounty in Hubei. The elegant articals sculptured by Yungai Jade by Wuhan Jade Sculpture Workshop is a kind of special antiques

Department Store Index

1 Hubei Department StoreJiefang Ave., Baofeng Rd., Wuhan 027-83640133

2 Wuhan General Merchandise Wholesale StationJiefang Ave., Qiaokou District, Wuhan 027-83647379

3 Wuchang County Department StoreZhifang Town, WuchangCounty, Wuhan,027-87952374

4 Qiaokou District Department Store Wholesale DeptZhongshan Ave., Qiaokou District, Wuhan027-85859443

5 Da Si Jie Shopping ArcadeDajia St., Qiaokou District, Wuhan 027-85844271

6 Wuhan City General Merchandise Wholesale CorporationHe Zuo Rd., Jiangan District, Wuhan 027-82836017

7 Wuhan City General Merchandise Wholesale Corporation Glasses Co., LtdJiao Tong Rd., Jianghan District, Wuhan 027-82835691

8 Wuhan City General Merchandise Wholesale Corporation Jiangcheng Shopping ArcadeQingdao Rd., Wuhan027-82834159

9 Wuhan City General Merchandise Wholesale Corporation Personal Protective Equipment CorporationBaohua St., Wuhan 027-82831579

10 Industrial Product Sales Co General Merchandise Wholesale DeptQingdao Rd., Jiangan District, Wuhan 027-82849192

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