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Wuhan Entertainment and Nightlife

As an capital city of Hubei province, there various kinds entertainment here.

With rich water resources, Wuhan is ideal for fish breeding and fishing has long been a popuBoating on the East Lake, Wuhanlar leisurely activity.

Chess and playing cards
Among fans of chess and playing cards, most are keen on Chinese chess, inclosing chess and brideg. There are a variety of societies for chess and bridge. “Wuhan Evening Newspaper Inclosing Chess Weiqi Club” in JiefangPark is the first Chess Professional Club in China.

As one of the ancient Chinese martial arts, Taiji is relaxing, slow and mild, in sharp contrast to other swift and violent boxing.

An ancient Chinese health-keeping practice followed by many people. It is said that a mass of air, produced by concentration of the mind, travels through the body so that the body is adjusted to its best. Through sustained practice, some people not only cure themselves but also treat others with the air produced inside their bodies. The air may even produce a sixth sense. But so far no satisfactory explanation can be given to this phenomenon. As a result, Qigong is made more mysterious and fascinating.

The kite dates back to the past. As a traditional handicraft, the kite involves a variety of forms and styles. The wind in Wuhan is gentler than the wind in the north. Therefore, the kites here are in a greater part light and delicate, as is the southern character. Some big parks such as BinjiangPark in Hankou and open ground are frequently visited by people who come to fly kites.

Skiing and roller-skating
Wuhan is famous for its hot summers. However, here, there are real icy worlds even in summer. There is a skiing club as well as many roller skating rinks. In the Wuhan area, skiing and roller-skating are popular for young people. They said: “Skiing (Roller-skating) feelsThe Theatre, Wuhan exciting.”

IN the Wuhan area, thereare music colleges including WuhanMusicCollege and many musical organizations such as symphony orchestras and chorus. During past years, several concerts excited Wuhan fans.
The concerts in Wuhan are usually held in Wuhan Theatre and Hongshan Gymnasium. All the main newspapers will advise the players, time and contents.

Theatrical Entertainment
Tourists can enjoy films in cinemas throughout the three towns. Since there are several plays shown every day, It is advisable to see advertisements regarding films in the Changjiang Daily first, so as to avoid disappointment.
If tourists want to enjoy modern drama, operas, dance drama and theatrical performances, they can get information from the bulletin board theatres or advertisement in newspapers.

Zhongyuan Cinema
46 Dongting StreetTel: 82834196

Wuhan Cinema
32 Cai'e RoadTel: 82830926

Xinhua Cinema
594 Zhongshan Avenue Tel: 85864206

Lubaoshi Entertainment Center
144 Hanyang Avenue Tel: 84841441

People’s Cinema
257 Jiefang Road Tel: 88877559

Wuchang Cinema
486 Jiefang Road Tel: 88871243

Hongshan Arts Cinema
26 Iuoyu Road Tel: 87882469

Qingshan Theater
JianshebaluTel: 86863548

Wuhan Fucheng Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: 27-1 Huangpu Road, Hankou
Tel: 82868988

Yangguang Entertainment Club of Redian Hotel
Add: Jianshewu Road, Qingshan
Tel: 86884320

Wuxing Cheng Sports Service Co. Ltd
Add: 15 Xinhua Road, Hankou
Tel: 85798958

OK 100 Nightclub
Add: 519 Zhongshan Road, Wuchang
Tel: 88868798

Add: 1 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang
Tel: 87366662

Wuhan JJ Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: 1381 Jiefang Avenue
Tel: 85771287

Wuhan Huamei Super Entertainment Club
Add: Gutianer Road, Hankou
Tel: 85755791

Wuhan Zhengyin Rereation & Entertainment Town
Add: 5 Xinhuasia Road, Hankou
Tel: 85798771

Caesar International Co.Ltd
Add:733-1 JieFang Avenue
Tel:85755791 Wuhan Golden Bay Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: Taibei Road, Hankou
Tel: 85808779

Wuhan Sanjiaohu Dujia Kangle Co. Ltd
Add: Wuhan Economical Development Zone
Tel: 84892518

Dongfanghong Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: 239 Yanhe Avenue, Hankou
Tel: 85852829

Seafood Kingdom Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: 38 Gutian’er Road, Hankou
Tel: 83856166

Wuhan Baochangzhongcun
Add: 4 Xiqiao Road, Hanyang
Tel: 84847658

Silver Lake Physical Entertainment Co. Ltd
Add: 224 Ziyang Road, Wuchang

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