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Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane TowerYellow Crane Tower is located on the snail hill in Wuchang of Wuhan City.It’s one of four most renowned towers in southern China.

In the traditional legend, the tower was built by Old Xin , the boss of a pothouse. One day, a dirty dressed Taoist master came to ask for a cup of wine, Old xin gave him without asking money, then the master came here day regularly. The master draws a crane on the wall of the pothouse to thank the boss. The bird could dance when people request. The people of the city heard the news and came to visit the pothouse; therefore, Old Xin became rich. In order to thank the master, Old Xin built the tower as the gratitude to the Taoist master.

Actually, according to the real history, the tower was first built in AD223, during the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280). It was built by Sun Quan (182 - 252, King of Wu) as a watchtower for his army. After hundreds of years, the tower lost its military function and became a scenic area.

During the Tang Dynasty, many poems were written on the wall of the Yellow Crane tower, following centuries, it was destroyed times. In 1884, it was destroyed completely and not rebuilt until 1981.

Admission Fee: RMB80 per person
Transportation: Take trolley bus no.1 or no.4, or bus no.10, 61, 64, 108, 401, 402, 411, 413 and 584 get off at Huang He Lou (Yellow Crane Tower) station.

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