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The wealth of food available in Wuhan reflects the city's location between Shanghai and Chongqing. Most of the places around here serve a good mixture of eastern Sichuan cuisine and more oily braised dishes. Beware however, as the emphasis in terms of spice and chili tends to be more, as opposed to less, and Wuhan cuisine can be very HOT!!!

Wuhan style cuisine focuses on preparation, cooking time and the appearance of dishes. Fish and shellfish are especiaThe places for tea on the beach, Wuhanlly good. Snacks such as buns and omelets are also popular here. For cheap food, search around the little back streets near the university. The floating restaurants on Bayi Lu also serve reasonable food and you can pick your fish fresh from the boat.

Wuhan is modernizing and hoping to attract western visitors, with this drive, the inevitable influx of McDonalds and KFC has occurred and there are an increasing amount of more upmarket places serving western food shooting up across the city. In Hankou, the American Cowboy Restaurant nearby the Shangri La Hotel serve a buffet between 2pm and 11pm everyday for RMB30. The food is good and this place attracts a largely middle class Chinese clientele. Also in Hankou, near the GalaxyPlaza is the Yes Bar, a lively place serving basic western food. Finally, there is a great little western style bakery in the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Restaurant Index

Wuhan Kanglong Taizi Restaurant
Typical Hubei dishes but now mixed with some Sichuanese food
For three may cost ca. Yn240.
Opening: 10:30-22:30
Address: 1 Tiyuguan Road, Wuhan
Reservation tel: : 82717778

Best World Restaurant
Mainly dishes are Cantonese style, such as seafood, and so on. For three people may cost ca. Yn600.
Opening: 11:00-21:00
Reservation tel: 85733333
Address: 705 Jianshe Ave

Mr. Xie Restaurant
The place to taste some Taiwanese food, and some countryside dishes of Hubei.
Ca. Yn180 for three people.
Opening: 11:00-21:00
Reservation tel: 85813580
Address: 910 Jiefang Ave. Hankou
Reservation tel: 88918818
Address: 249 Pengliuyang Road

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