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Wuhan’s Best Shopping and Snack Streets

As one of the largest cities in central China, Wuhan bring both goods and traditions from their regions. This makes this city an important trade center and a melting pot of food flavors. There is no doubt that Wuhan is the paradise for foodies. Its snacks are famous throughout the country. This is a short introduction to five famous shopping and snack streets in Wuhan.

World City Optical Valley Walking Street 武汉光谷步行街

World City Optical Valley Walking Street is the longest commercial walking street in the world measuring 1350 meters. It contains shopping, dining, entertainment, travel and tourism, leisure fitness, offices and hotels.

famous commercial enterprises including the Grand Ocean Department Store, Carrefour, Industry and Trade Home Appliances have store is the street and of course there are many stores selling clothes - Japanese, Korean, European and American fashion apparel and almost everything imaginable. It attracts countless people every day to shop and for entertainment and tourism.

Add: Luxiang Square, Wuchang District, Wuhan 地址:武汉市武昌区鲁巷广场光谷步行街
Getting there: ride No. 15, 25, 518, 703, 581 bus to Optical Valley Square , near Grand Ocean Department Store.

Chu River Han Street 楚河汉街

Chu River Han Street is 1500 metres long and built along the Chu River and Sand Lake. 50 Billion RMB was invested to build a world-class cultural tourism project with culture as the core. 126 shops are now been open. Tourists can both enjoy the elegant shops as well the beautifully conserved Hubei waterways and learn about parts of the Chu culture.
Add: Xingguo Nan Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan, 地址:武汉市武昌区兴国南路
Getting there: ride the No. 19, 64, 530, 537, 540, 577, 581, 583, 601, 618, 702, 723, 724, 805 bus to Balu Jie Station (白鹭街站)

Hubu Lane Snack Street 户部巷小吃街

Hubu Lane Snack Street is the most famous snack street in Wuhan, and serves local cuisine such as fried Tofu skin, Shaomai (Steamed Pork Dumplings), Hutangfen and Hot-and-dry noodles etc. If you want to enjoy local traditional food and the flavors of the Wuhan people, this place is a "must visit". This old lane is just 150 meters long but has hundreds of years of history. Its bustling breakfast booths enjoy the reputation of “All breakfast in a lane”. Not only does the food taste great, but the locals are very friendly and the prices are reasonable too.

Add: Inside Simenkou Ziyou Lu, Wuchang Jiefang Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan. 地址:武汉市武昌区武昌解放路司门口自由路内
Getting there: ride No. 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 43, 515, 521, 529, 530, 576, 578, 539, 717, 514, 542, 554, 573, 607, 804 bus and get off at Zhonghua Lu stop

Jiqing Street 吉庆街

Wuhan people have a saying "Early stop at Hubu Lane ,a stoke of midnight in Jiqing street". Jiqing Street is a quite back street in daylight hours. The novel "life display", says of it "There is no trade in the daytime in Jiqing Street, as dead it is”. When night comes, this street becomes a busy, bustling street with eateries everywhere and all businesses look prosperous. All kinds of delicacies have everything that one expects to find and some that might surprise. The Chinese folk performances add a unique flavor making Jiqing Street the confluence of food and folk culture. People come here not only for the food, but also to experience the atmosphere.

Add: Jiqing Jie, Canglang District, Wuhan. 地址:武汉市沧浪区吉庆街
Getting there: ride No.1, 45, 520, 533, 548, 559, 588, 598, 601, 608, 707, 7 bus and get off at Baohua street Nanjing road.

Wuchang food city 武昌美食城

Wuchang food city is a food mall that brings together food from many countries - South Korea, Japan, Singapore snacks, Malaysian, Chinese , Western food, hot pot buffet, altogether nearly 1000 varieties. It’s a good choice for value and variety. Dishes like - India fly pie, Malaysia Package, Hokkaido Takoyaki, Korean bibimbap, Hongkong Dim Sum make it difficult for people to hide their greed.

Add: D block, No.628, Wuluo Road. 地址:武珞路628号D座
Getting there: ride No.15, 18, 25, 401, 503, 510, 518 bus and get off at Wuluo Road.

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