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Wuhan Travel Tips

Dress is generally informal in China except on social diplomatic occasions. A suit and tie for formal occasions is widely accepted. Dressing modestly is advisable. Winter in the north demands heavy clothing, fleece-lined jackets and earmuffs advisable as the temperature can drop to biting temperature with strong winds. Very light clothing in the summer will be adequate especially in the South.

Month Average Temp oF(oC)Humidity
Mar-May70oF (21oC)55% to 60%
Jun-Aug82oF (28oC)60% to 65%
Sep-Nov65oF (22oC)55% to 65%
Dec-Feb43oF (6oC)55% to 60%

Visitors to China are required to fill in a health declaration form when entering the country. Tap water in the hotel is potable. Bottled drinking water is also available in the hotel room, compliments of Shangri-La.

Wuhan has not yet achieved the magnitude as a shoppers' paradise, such as Wangfujing in Beijing, Nanjing Xi Lu in Shanghai or Guangzhou. However, it is catching up rapidly and whatever one needs is readily available at competitive prices. All the world brand names are present in Wuhan.

Name of the Holiday2004
New Year's Day1 Jan
Chinese (Lunar) New Year22--24 Jan
Labor Day1--3 May
National Day1--3 Oct

• Police 110
• Medical emergency 83662401, 83662989 (Wuhan Medical Centre of Tongji Hospital)

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