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Yangtze Cruise Onboard Service and Activities

An Yangtze cruise can only take 200-380 passages one time, so passages can get more personal service when they are onboard a cruise. The guests will encounter the simple courtesy of a bygone era on Yangtze cruise ships. When customer takes a 5-luxury cruise, the service is more than just meeting and fulfilling customer’s needs.

On Board Service

Choose to take a Yangtze cruise means one price buy everything; passengers enjoy delightful service onboard either from stateroom keeping and dining and shore excursion and guiding, extra payment as happy hours in bar, laundry and spa are supply.

Onboard Services

  • Vip treatment
  • Personal service
  • 2 staff for every 3 guests

Onboard Dinning

  • Local speciality cuisine
  • Chinese and wester breakfast
  • In-room dinning service

Extra Services

  • Chinese Message
  • Spa or Salon
  • Foot Message or Tuina

On Board Activities

The cruise company provides variety of fun activities for enrich onboard life from early morning to late evening, Tachi Boxing in the morning, Chinese culture lecture, Chinese cooking class, or the captain’s welcome party is worth to expect.

Captain's Party

  • Captain's welcome party
  • Crew's shows
  • Captain's fareware party

Shore Excursions

  • Discovery Yangtze culture
  • Visit Three Gorges Dam
  • See myterious Hanging Coffin

Onboard Lectures

  • Taichi learning on morning
  • Making Chinese dumpling
  • Play Chinese Mahjong

Night Activities

  • Bar or pub
  • Spectacular sunset
  • Crews perfermance

Customers on Board

The main feature of Yangtze cruise is provides variety of service for passenger at all ages, check out what can we offer for your group, enjoy every moments with your family or friends.

Onboard Accomodations

  • Standard cabin with Balcony
  • Spacious Duluxe Suite
  • President Suite with living room

Senior on Board

  • Relax on sun-deck
  • More personal caring
  • Travel easily

Family on Board

  • Fun activities for kids
  • Your fatastic family time
  • New to see to keep your kids busy

Young on Board

  • Chinese Message
  • Spa or Salon
  • Foot Message or Tuina