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Entertainment in Shanghai


Shanghai has always been, and still is, The city in China for entertainment. The city not only has great restaurants and bars but also (outside of Hong Kong), the biggest selection of theatre, film and art available anywhere in China. And this selection is of a class and quality which is sophisticated enough to compete with most western cities.

On the theatre and the stage, there are regular acrobatics displays, a MUST for travelers to the city. Even the most doubtful spectator, will not fail to be enthralled and amused by the incredible flexibility and strength of these performers. The Acrobats performance in the ShanghaiCenter (Nanjingxi Road) and the old Lyceum Theatre (Maoming Road). It is always worth checking out the magnificent Grand Theatre to see what is on too. The Theatre regularly hosts Chinese and Western operas, classical music performances and various plays.There are also regular Western films on at some of the city's entertainment centers.

Shanghai attracts most of the big name Chinese musicians and also pulls in western and Japanese performers and DJs on a regular basis. Currently, the best bars are around Maoming Road and nearby. Park 97 is a stylish bar in the heart of the French Concession and O'Malleys is a friendly Irish joint right in the heart of things. Browse our Bar and Club Index for the latest places to hang out! Check out the Shanghai Stadium to see who's in town, or the listing's in the city magazine That's Shanghai.

The City's contemporary art scene is impressive too. Shanghai, long the center of more radical ideas is now one of the most important city's in China for young and new artists from throughout the country to display their work. Shanghai has a long list of art galleries including ShangArt in FuxingPark and EastLink on Fuxing Road. Aside from these, there are also some good exhibitions in the ShanghaiMuseum in People's Square.

Naturally there are all the usual Chinese favorites too. Bowling alleys, Karaoke halls and Computer Games rooms are scattered throughout the city. Another favorite Shanghai past time is Tai Chi, which is also great to watch especially after a night on the town taking in the city life! Why not take a wander along the Bund at dawn, for a taste of a different kind of entertainment!

Clubs Index

Bu Ye Tian Restaurant Night-club
--musical restaurant, Karaoke, discotheque
Add: 25th floor, 330 Mei Yuan Road
Tel: 62532779

City Club
---On the 26th floor of City Hotel, the club heralds a new chapter of nightlife in Shanghai.
Add: 5-7 Shan Xi Road(S)
Tel: 62551133

Da Du Shi Club
Add: 579 Jiu Jiang Road
Tel: 63223487

The Great World Entertainment Center
--standard discotheque, European style Bar. This is said to be the largest comprehensive cultural and recreational center in China, offering operas, movies, concerts, acrobatics, magic shows and different games. The centre has an exhibition hall, a reading room, a game room and a theatre.
Add: 1 Xizang
Tel: 63263760

Golden Pool Club
--sauna, Karaoke, discotheque, restaurant
Add: 518 Jian Guo (West) Road
Tel: 64711570

Hong Kong City Recreation Center
--the largest sauna in Shanghai, KTV, restaurant, beauty-saloon
Add: 630 Si Chuan Road (Middle)
Tel: 63211889

Huang Fu Hong KongIsland (Gang Dao) Recreation Center
--specializes in Hong Kong style cuisine with small discotheque
Add: 813 Bei Jing Road (East)
Tel: 63220833

HuangGuan Recreation Center
--2 discotheques, Karaoke, mini-cinema, restaurant
Add: 379 Zhe Jiang Road (Middle)
Tel: 63226116
Jing Di RecreationCenter
--restaurant, discotheque, fashion show
Add: 108 Xiang Yan Road (South)
Tel: 64713030

Jing Ye RecreationCenter
--indoor swimming pool, gym center, sauna, hotel
Add: 183 Shang Wen Road
Tel: 63771712

Marco Polo Club
--KTV, mahjong, card playing, billiards
Add: 639 Hua Shan Road
Tel: 62481118

Paris Night (Ye Ba Li) Recreation Center
--restaurant, discotheque, KTV, coffee shop
Add: 5th floor, 527 Huai Hai Road (Middle)
Tel: 63751191

Shanghai Cordon Bleu International Center
--KTV, disco, piano bar, a large number of songs in store for your enjoyment
Add: 527 Huaihai Middle Road, 8th Floor
Tel: 63589999

ShanghaiWindsorCastle - Sea Lord Restaurant Co., Ltd.
--barbecue buffet, windsor sauna, a royal enjoyment
Add: 1288 Xietu Road
Tel: 64041288

Sun City (Tai Yang Chen) Club
--Karaoke, billiards
Add: 7th floor, 920 NanJing Road (West)
Tel: 62581610

UndergroundPalace (Di Gong) Discotheque
--a famous underground discotheque
Add: 81 Song Shan Road
Tel: 63261443

Xin Du Recreation Center
---discotheque, Karaoke, KTV, fashion show
Add: 5th floor, 82 Gui Zhou Road
Tel: 63225675

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