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Shanghai Transportation

Shanghai is situated in southeast China, on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered on the west by Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, on the south by Hangzhou Bay, on the east by the East China Sea, and on the north by the mouth of Yangtze River. Shanghai is a hub of all transportations due to its geography advantage. Here are the guides of Shanghai flights and trains transportation information.

All Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai Trains Information

Shanghai railway network provides passengers with an economic and comfortable way to get to other cities. There are 4 main railway stations in Shanghai which are Shanghai Train Station, Shanghai South...

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Shanghai Flights Information

Shanghai is a nexus for international flights and is busy day and night ferrying people in and out of the city. There are direct flights to many international cities from Shanghai. Shanghai is the only city in China to have two international airports. Pudong is the new international airport and most international airlines now fly in and out of here, and it is located 55 km from the city centre. Most hotels also supply transport to the airport. It is about an hours drive from the city centre. Buses and taxis connect the new airport to the city centre and Hongqiao airport. A taxi should cost approximately RMB 150. And why not try the magnetic train since it is the first one in the world and the fastest means to reach the International Airport! The train leaves the airport from 08:28 to 17:28 and leaves Longyang Rd Stop from 08:30 to 17:30. The prices range from RMB 160 to RMB 50.

The airport for most domestic flights is Hongqiao which is older, and located in the west of Shanghai, 15 km from the city centre. A taxi to Hongqiao airport from CBD should cost approximately RMB 30-50. Public bus No.925 runs to the airport from People's Square. Most domestic destinations can be reached from Shanghai.

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