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Huangshan Restaurants

Food in Huangshan belongs to Hui cuisine (or Huizhou cuisine). Huizhou cuisine is one of China's eight regional cuisines.

Local Cuisine Restaurants

Laojie Diyi Lou

Laojie Diyi LouLaojie Diyi Lou is a place must to go while you are wandering around the Tunxi Old Street. It features traditional Hui dishes and it is one of the most popular restaurants in Huangshan City. Because of its popularity, a reservation is highly recommended.

Average cost per person: CNY58
Chinese Name: 老街第一楼
Cuisine: Anhui
Address: No.247, Tunxi Old Street
Tel: 0559-2539797

Tunxi Hui Dishes Restaurant

Serves traditional Hui Cuisines and international delicacies.
Average cost per person: CNY47
Chinese Name: 屯溪徽菜馆(Tunxi Huicai Guan)
Cuisine: Anhui
Address: Address: Huangshan West Road, Tunxi district, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China
Tel: 0559-2517828

Piyun Hui-Cuisine Restaurant

Piyun Hui Fu Cai offers authentic Hui cuisine. The Taibai Fish Head Soup is highly recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Chinese Name: 披云徽府菜 (Piyun Hui Fu Cai)
Cuisine: Anhui
Address: No.7-9 Binjiang Road East, Huangshan City
Tel: 0559-2575705

Anhui Merchants' Hometown

Hui Shang Gu LiThe decoration is distinctive. There is a large selection of Hui Cuisine Food.
Average cost per person: CNY115
Chinese Name: 黄山徽商故里 (Hui Shang Gu Li)
Cuisine: Anhui
Address: No.12 Xianrendong Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0559-2358388

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