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Huangshan Weather

Rainy Season in Huangshan Located in the subtropical area, Huangshan city is under the influence of wet mild monsoon climate. From May to August, it rains heavily. The average annual temperature fluctuates from 15  C (59  F) to 16  C (60.8  F), and most area are free of chilly coldness. The mild climate affords good environment for travelling around the city and the fantastic environs.

Climate on Mt. Huangshan is marine-like: at the higher altitudes, the lower temperatures. It is rainy, misty and cloudy from April to June on Mt. Huangshan. It has cool summer but chilly winter. The variable weather on the mountain adds the charm to the scenic spots.

With the average temperature of 10  C (50  F) in April, flowers, trees and grass emerge on the mountain; Huangshan Mountain in spring is one of the best destinations to visit. With the coming of the warm humid air from southern parts, Mt. Huangshan steps into the season of summer, except some places such as Bright Summit Peak and Jade Screen Tower. A world of water and rainbows above a sea of clouds comes into being after a rainstorm in summer. The average temperature will fall down to 12.9  C (55.22  F) in September and 11.7  C (53.06 F) in October. When winter comes, the weather becomes chilly but not severe. And some tourists believed that the landscapes in winter are the most spectacular scenes.

When the temperature on Mt. Huangshan falls down to about 10  C (50  F), and it becomes windy, you are recommended to bring coat with you in any season. Some hotels offer overcoat rentals. When visiting in winter, you are advised to wear warm clothes. The weather on the mountain varies from day to day, so it is wise to check out the weather forecast in anvance. During summer thunderstorms, you are asked not to use umbrella on the mountain. Raincoat is a good choice.

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