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Huangshan Shopping

Huizhou CarvingThe beautiful scenery of Huangshan also produce many special and delicious local products,especially tea and fruits. Also carving is very popular because of special stones there. Here we only introduce the most popular products when refering to shopping in Huangshan.

Local Products

Taiping Houkui Tea

Taiping Houkui was first created in year 1900 and is a well known tea in China. It was awarded the "Golden Award" at the World Expo in Panama in 1915. The best Taiping Houkui is grown in the villages of Houkeng, Hougang and Yanjiachun. Teas produced in the surrounding areas have the same name, but costs much less. Unlike most the green teas, Taiping Houkui does not undergo any rolling process. It is dried at once using a series of bamboo baskets heated at various temperatures. So it can preserve its most natural shape and the unique characteristics.

Huangshan Green Peony

Huangshan Green Peony looks like a peony blossom after soaking in the water; it is called Green Peony Tea. It is a newly created tea form Huangshan, first made 1986. Experts said: "Huangshan Green Peony, color green, sweet. It opens in the water like the peony in full bloom. Drinking the tea is an art appreciation."

Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum

Tribute chrysanthemum is regarded as one of the four great chrysanthemums in China. The others are Chu Chrysanthemum, Hong Chrysanthemum and Hao Chrysanthemum. The Tribute Chrysanthemum of Huangshan which grows on the high mountain and is not contaminated making it a much healthier drink. Pay attention to the flowers chosen, the small, ugly and yellowish ones are the best choice.

Huizhou Carvings

The three most famous styles of carving in Huizhuo use brick, stone, and wood. The three styles originated in Song Dynasty and reached their peak in Ming and Qing Dynasty. All three are folk art carvings. Plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum and pomegranate were the popular objects for brick carvers. The carvings are mainly used to decorate buildings.

Huangshan Kiwi Fruit

Huangshan is the largest natural Kiwi Fruit producing base in the area and has over 667 hectares of wild and cultivated fruit trees. Kiwi Fruit grows in profusion around Huangshan with a production of 390 tons annually. Huangshan Kiwi Fruit enjoys the laudatory title of “The king of fruits”. Not only the fruit, but the Kiwi’s root, stem, leaf, and flower can all be used as ingredients for medicines. It can also be processed into cans, juice, fruit jam, dried fruits, fruit wine etc.

Amber Dates

Amber Dates are the traditionally exported from Anhui province. They are nutritious and contain around 70% sugar, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates. The Huangshan Amber Dates are often called ‘Honey Date King' in the domestic and overseas market. They are exported to more than forty countries and areas.

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