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Nanjing Attractions


  1. Purple Mountain that has Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum Mingxiaoling Mausoleum, Linggu Temple, other historical sites and temples and natural places.
  2. Qinhuai River
  3. The Memorial Hall to the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre
  4. Confucius Temple
  5. Mochou Lake
  6. The Yangtze River Bridge that was built in 1968 is the longest in China (6,705 meters).
  7. Yangtze River Cruises

Touring Activities:

  1. Learn about the history of China.
  2. See the sites.
  3. Go on a Yangtze River cruise ship or tour the area by boat.
  4. Enjoy the Purple Mountain and Qixia Mountain scenic areas.

Traveling Information:

Best Time to Visit: During the months of May and September, October and November when it is warm but there isn’t the heaviest monsoon rain.

Transportation: Nanjing is served by bullet trains, and they are convenient and economical compared to flying from or to Shanghai, Wuxi, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Many more routes are under construction, and they are planned to begin operation in the next four years.

All Attractions in Nanjing

Xuanwu Lake begins to be a park in 1909,then it's the main lake of Wuhan that can see lots of fishes,viewsights around it are also charming.

Xuanwu Lake

As the most important building in Xuanwu Park, Xuanwu Lake is located in the northeast of Nanjing City. Being at the foot of the Bell Mountain, Xuanwu Lake is surrounded by peaks on three sides. There...
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Mochou Lake

Mochou Lake Park

Located in Hanzhong Men Street of Nanjing, Mochou Lake covers a total area more than 900 mu (about 148 acres). People regard Mochou Lake as a jewel of Nanjing. According to legend the lake was named a...
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Qixia Temple

Qixia Temple

Qixia Temple stands on the west side of Fengxiang Peak, the main peak of Qixia Mountain, Nanjing. It is one of the ancient famous temples in the south of the Yangtze River. It is established in the se...
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Beautiful sight of Qinhuai River

Qinhuai River

The Qinhuai River is the biggest river in Nanjing. It's also the birthplace of the age-old Nanjing culture. As such, it's called "Nanjing's mother river". The Qinhuai River has two sources...
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Nanjing Museum

Nanjing Museum

The Nanjing Museum is widely considered to be one of the finest and largest museums in China. It has a truly superb collection of top quality cultural and artistic treasures They're well presented in ...
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Nanjing Folk Museum

Nanjing Folk Culture Museum, also called The Former Residence of Ganxi, was first built in Qing Dynasty. Its present area covers more than 8,000 square meters/86,114 square feet, which is the largest ...
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Qixia Temple

Rain Flower Terrace

The Yuhua Terrace, cemetery for revolutionary martyrs, is a famous revolutionary resort and tourism scenic area in Nanjing. The Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial stands at the top of the cemetery for...
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Zhonghua Gate is the biggest of the top of the Nanjing city wall city gate, it's also our biggest fortress

Dr.Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum

Sun Yat-sen (Nov. 12, 1866 to March 12, 1925) was the founder and the first president of the Republic of China; he is considered the most important political figure and revolutionary in China around t...
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Appearance of Confucius Temple is magnificient

Confucius Temple

The Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao) was originally built during the Song Dynasty and is situated on the north bank of the Qinhuai River. Today, the entire area around the Temple consists of a series of to...
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Linggu Temple

The Linggu Temple, (Lingu si) the Linggu pagoda and the Beamless Hall are situated on the eastern side of PurpleMountain. This area can be reached by a shuttle bus from the Mausoleum but the nicest ap...
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