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Yangtze River Culture

An old saying goes “If you haven’t traveled up Chang Jiang, you haven’t been anywhere” because the river winds through some of China’s most spectacular scenery and it was regards as a cradle of Chinese culture. Chang Jiang has always been a major means of transport and has a colorful and exciting history. Apart from the beautiful Scenery, you will enjoy a lot from the particular local culture like: Burial Custom, Festivals, Ghost City, Peddlers, Relics, Remains and the Trackers.

Yangtze Culture Evolution

Throughout the ages, Yangtze River has been at the heart of Chinese history. Yangtze has witnessed the solemnity of many Dynasties ranging from the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. more>>

Yangtze River Crafts

Longest river of Asia and China, Yangtze River is believed to be the cradle of ancient civilizations. Million years since then, Yangtze River is today the home to a large population of the Chinese people thanks to its large scale spaces and its incredibly fertile land. more>>

Folk Customs along the Yantze

LAs it crosses from West to East through 11 provinces, the mighty Yangtze River embraces various folk customs and cultures which rank as the most diverse place in the world. more>>

Celebrities of the Yangtze Area

For many thousand years, Yangtze area has successfully nurtured numerous modern and ancient celebrities. Ranging from ideologists such as Chuang- Tzu and Lao Tzu who pioneered Daoism to scientists and mathematicians like Li Bing and Hua Luogeng respectively, more>>

Yangtze River Legends

Yangtze River is greatly honored as being the cradle for Chinese civilization. In China, it is the longest river and listed as the third longest river in the world.more>>

Festival along Yangtze River

These are the special time for the people along the Three Gorges. International Tourist Festival of Three Gorges, Chongqing comes in June. It focuses on a travel trade talk, business and commercia... more>>

Historical Remains in Yangtze

Jiangdu Temple used to be the place where the ancestors offer their sacrifices to the god of the Yangtze.It was originally built in Guilin valley , Xintan town, nearly one thousand year ago.The curren... more>>

Relics Found along the Three Gorges

The first relics of an iron casting workshop have been found along the Yangtze River, dating back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC-256 BC) and the Qin Dynasty (221 BC-207 BC). The relics were unear... more>>

Peddlers along the Three Gorges

After the Three Gorges was opened to tourists, peddler becomes a profession there. They are selling all kinds of artifacts to the tourists which are in large number now. What’s more, there are ... more>>

Fengdu -- "City of Ghost" and China's Ghost Culture

by Gao Rongmiao, Chief of FengduCounty Fengdu has been considered China's "City of Ghost". There is a myriad of household legendary tales about ghosts and demons, as well as the City of Gh... more>>

Trackers -- A Traditional Work in yangtze

There are two kinds of roads along the Yangtze are coTracker, Yangtze Riverming to attracts tourists. One is the ancient plank road, the other is the trackers' path. Before engines were introduced in... more>>

Burial Customs

Suspended Coffins have attracted cruisers and tourists to the three gorges. When traveling along the three Gorges, you will see many coffins in the caves high on the cliff. It is said that it was a cu... more>>

Yangtze River Wildlife

The Yangtze River is one of the most well known rivers in the world and has a rich history and is of great importance to China's people. The longest river in Asia, it not only serves as a lifeline to ... more>>

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