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Our Mission

Discovery Your Way! We exist for our customers, channeling our expertise to provide customer-suited China tours with the best travel information, the highest quality possible and excellent value.

Our Vision

Customized China Tours with Ease of Planning:

We help people from all over the world to plan trips to China easily and to travel in the way they want by customizing trips to their own needs and interests. We aim to understand and cater for travelers from different countries, with different cultures, languages and needs. We provide smart online booking platforms, complemented by experienced travel experts. We, efficiently and with a minimum of hassle, customize and provide uniquely attractive trips to China.

In-depth Approaches to Innovative Discovery:

Our customers are enabled to discover the essence of Chinese culture, appreciate to a deeper level the life of Chinese people and have unique experiences of China. We strive to develop new and innovative travel products through keeping abreast of advances in technology alongside our in-depth knowledge of China’s history, folk customs and the life of its people. We possess a passionate love of China and we want to enthusiastically reveal and provide access to the beauty of China. We will dare to pioneer changes that are beneficial to our clients, our team and the general population.

Caring Service for Enjoyable Trips:

We offer warm, caring and thoughtful service to ensure our customers have an enjoyable trip to China. We want to narrow the gap and enhance amity between China and the rest of the world.

Our Values


We will know that we are living by this value when we...

  1. People are more important than business, it’s our people who make China Highlights the success that it is.

  2. Be quick to listen and be quick to communicate.

  3. Smile at every customer and teammate; treat teammates and customers with equal courtesy.

  4. Value all teammates; believe that an ordinary group of people can make an extraordinary team.

  5. Ask yourself, "What did I share with our team today?"

  6. Be humble and recognize others' abilities.

  7. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  8. Love, because love covers over all wrongs.

  9. Make the sum of one plus one greater than just two.

  10. Take an "I am responsible for China Highlights" approach when a problem arises, and ask yourself, "What would I do if I was in charge?"

  11. It is better to give thanks than to complain; action now is better than regret later.

  12. Participate in decision making actively and fully back each decision made.

Integrity and Trustworthiness

We will know that we are living by this value when we...

  1. Convey what is excellent, honorable, praiseworthy, true, kind and beautiful, and create the best travel experience for customers.

  2. Promote understanding, communication and love between China and the rest of the world.

  3. Protect the environment and promote eco-tourism.

  4. Respect the people, cultures and customs of tourist destinations.

  5. Be grateful to our customers, and contribute to the well-being of society by our considerate actions.

  6. Be honest in our advertising, tell the truth to our customers and deliver on our promises.

  7. Have the courage to take on the responsibilities that will help us to achieve excellence.

  8. Let your `Yes' be `Yes' (or your ‘No’ be ‘No’) when dealing with people, and pull out all the stops to achieve the results you say you will produce.

Customer Satisfaction

We will know that we are living by this value when we...

  1. Imagine ourselves in the customers' shoes and understand the customers' point of view.

  2. Pay attention to detail; this makes us more professional.

  3. Do not allow any little mistakes to destroy our customers' once-of-a-life-time China trip; one flaw may spoil the whole experience.

  4. Remember that China Highlights exists because of the unique interests and needs of our customers.

  5. Our customers are our best teachers, so value customer feed-back and complaints.

  6. Our customers are also our friends, so treat them with warmth and care as well as politeness and respect.

Discovery and Innovation

We will know that we are living by this value when we...

  1. Innovation begins with learning and seeking advice is a good way to learn.

  2. Ask yourself, "What did I discover today?" Go beyond the well-beaten track and improve daily.

  3. Remember that yesterday's answers may be inadequate for today's problems.

  4. Think, "What ’discovery’ can I customize for this customer?"

  5. It is always admirable to be the initiator even if you are not the finisher; a late response could go against the flow.

  6. Imagination and creativity are the power behind productivity.

  7. Make do without! Innovate to achieve goals despite insufficient resources.

Holistic Approach

We will know that we are living by this value when we...

  1. Goals come before plans; begin with the end in mind!

  2. Break a big task into small tasks and achieve it step-by-step.

  3. Make the best plans by preparing for the worst circumstances.

  4. Don't just treat the headache, but tackle its cause. Don't take stopgap measures, but look at the whole system.

  5. Don't fall into the same river twice, don't repeat mistakes.

  6. Be creative to make complex or repetitive tasks simple and do the simple things well.

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