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Meet The Team

Team of Yangtze

The team of China Travel is a young, professional and passionate group. Being the most valuable treasure of CT, they are ideal, united and innovative people. We are proud of this team and are ready to create a better future. You are also welcome to join our online team to work with us. As for ways to join our online team,

Team of

Vicky Wen

Vicky Wen - Manager

Hello, my name is Vicky Wen. I have devoted myself to the tourism industry for 5 years. Because of my job, I became love travelling and then love my job more. My travel experience including Xi'an –The discovery place of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Dengfeng - The birthplace of Shaolin Kung fu, Yangtze river cruise, Holy Tibet and Mountain Everest, hiking along Tiger

Leon Long

Leon Long - Travel Advisor

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education, in the elder ,a part of experience ." wrote Francis Bacon. Come and experience China with China Highlights Travel We have exciting ancient cities, enchanting scenery, exotic foods and friendly people. Visit Leon's Blog

Vanessa Zheng

Vanessa Zheng - Travel Advisor

Hello, my name is Vanessa. I am a travel advisor at China Travel. I worked as a travel advisor for 5 years and helped more than 1300 international tourists to book their trip to China. It is my pleasure to assist you all in planning your trip to China, including Yangtze River~~Visit Vanessa's Blog

Sammi Dai

Sammi Dai - Travel Advisor

Hi, this is Sammi from China Travel. I had been working as a travel advisor for over 3 years now. During this period, I had traveled a lot in China. It is really a pleasure to give out suggestions to my clients and help to make their trip to China a better experience. It is not easy to plan an oversea tour by yourself, my job is to make your tour in China easier in all ways. We can help you with tailor made private tour package, days tours, group tours or even for the hotel, tickets booking only service. Please feel free to contact me for any travel advices. Visit Sammi's Blog

Vivan Cen

Vivi Chen -Travel Advisor

Hi, I am Vivi from China Travel. It is lucky that I can work in this energetic team. China has abundant and enchanting travel resource. I’m willing to help people from all over the world to explore and tour great China. We are waiting for you in China! Visit Vivi's Blog

Vivan Cen

Vivan Cen - Webmaster

Hello, everyone! My name is Vivian. I'm the web host of I worked for China Travel's team as English tour guide before moving into the office and I am now in charge of its two sub-sites. I put all my experience as tour guide into designing tour products. I trust that you find exactly what you are looking for in our website but welcome your suggestions.


Baihuanan - Website Deviser

Hi, everyone, welcome to China Travel. I am Bai Huanan. I live in Guilin. It is a beautiful city in China. I am working as an IT engineer in China Travel. We are a young team full with energy and creativity.

Mike He

Mike He - Marketing Manager

Hello everybody, I am Mike from I like China and traveling so I join the China travel team. It's a great website for tourists who plan their China trips. I am happy to work for this site. Don't hesitate to us know when there is a mistake on the website.

David Deng

David Deng - Webmaster

Hi, I'm David Deng, I come from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. I'm the webmaster of It's my great joy that we can help you to arrange you China trip. I hope that our website can provide you the best service and excellent user experience.

Peggie Lv

Peggie Lv - Product Manager

Why do people travel? As a traveler myself, I’d say people travel to experience something different. As for my job, it has become my joy to introduce people to wonderful destinations. I am Peggie Lv, I design the tour, I detail the itinerary, but it’s our clients who make a difference out of it.

Fabio Wang

Fabio Wang - Marketing Manager

Hello, I am Fabio. I am now working as a Search Engine Optimizer for China Travel Dot Com. I believe our website is a good place to read travel information about China. My mission is to let these information rank high on search engines. If you want to explore deeply in China, we can help you!

Wendy Song

Wendy Song - Website Editor

I'm Wendy Song. I enjoy making friends and communicating with people. Being with people and helping them always make me very happy. China Travel offers me an opportunity to know more different people worldwide and help travel enthusiasts fulfill their travel dream. Actually I take my work as my life career as it's great to become part of people's realization of dreams.

Meimei Li

Meimei Li - Website Editor

Hi, I am Meimei, a web editor of China Travel. I love traveling and exploring new things in my own life. Guilin is not my hometown, however, I love the city because of its outstanding scenery. I believe when you travel in China, you will gain new experiences and also fall in love with wonderful landscapes in China. So if you want to travel in China, we can guide you to the places you want. And we are always here to help you to travel in China.


Zhaopeng - Website Deviser

My name is Zhao Peng. I am the tech person for China Travel Dot Com. Should you have any ideas about the design or function of the website, please contact me by filling our contact form. I hope you are happy with our website content. Appreciate your time.