Wuhan No.23 Port Transportation

As an important water carriage city, Wuhan has lots of port for cruise to berth and Yangtze Cruises only stop at Wuhan No.23 Port. Victoria Cruise is the only ship berth at Wuhan No. 23 Port along the Yangtze River.

Transportation methods available to get to Wuhan No.23 Port:

Taxi: Wuhan Tianhe airport to Wuhan No.23 Port will take about 1 hour and cost about 120 Yuan.
Taxi from Yichang Long-Distance Bus Station to New Century Pier or Taohuacun Port costs about 50 Yuan and takes about 30 minutes (if there is no traffic jam).
Take a taxi from Wuchang Train station or Hankou Train Station to the port will take about 30-40 minutes and cost about 60 Yuan.
Take a taxi from Fujiapo Long-Distance Bus Station in Wuchang Area or Xinhualu Long-Distance Bus Station in Hankou area to Wuhan No.23 Port will take about 30 minutes and cost 70 Yuan.

Bus: Public Bus No.9, No.30, No.68, No.207, No.212, No.248, No.402 and No.502 go to the pier. Costs one or two Yuan.

Private transfer: Take away the anxiety ask you travel advisor about a private transfer with porters to handle luggage and ensure that you arrive at the correct pier.

Wuhan No.23 Port Map

Wuhan No.23 Port Map

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