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Top Reasons to Take a Yangtze River Cruise

Changjiang, known as “Yangtze River”, the longest and largest river in mainland China, feature in its spectacular natural scenery. There is an old saying no trip to China is complete without a trip down the Yangtze. A cruise ship is a floating hotel, taking a cruise down to Yangtze is the most popular way while visitors can enjoy all-inclusive and hassle-free holiday, here are the top reasons why you would choose a cruise:

Choose a Cruise for Value

You really get a pretty good value for your dollar. The cost varies considerably between categories but you can travel quite comfortably for about $100 per day, one price buys your accommodation, meals, shore excursion and even variety of fun activities on board. Every morning wake up with fresh air, everything is ready to serve you when needed.

Star Rating Ships and More Rooms

We only sell the star rating ship that authorize in serving international visitors and the ship’s amenities are compatible with western luxury stander, all the ships’ cabin equip with a balcony that make rooms for a private space of relax and enjoy the time of sightseeing. The below are 5 star cruise fleets that we recommended:

Best value for money: President Cruise Fleets from$349p/p (hot sales: president 7,President 8)

Viking partnership and most advanced amenities: New Century Cruise Fleets from $379 (hot sales: Century Sky, and Century Legend)

American Operating Company: Victoria Cruise Fleets from $399 (hot sales: Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna)

Chosen by World’s VIPs’ –Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: Yangzi Explorer from $949

Slow Pace of Sightseeing on Board

Without time and time again pack and unpack, 4 days downstream or 5 days upstream cruise goes through ten cities alongside Yangtze, explore China’s cradle of culture, historical relic, authentic local life, even you relaxing in your cabin, enjoy the leisure time in the bar or on sundeck, the river guide on board would introduce to every sites as Lesser Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam, Xiling Gorge and Wu Gorge to make sure passengers on board will not miss.

Unique Experience on Off-ship Excursions

The cruise trip normally includes 2 spots in a day, one in your itinerary and another is optional, it fill up the day of fun and educational, land tours to Fengdu Ghost City, White Emperor City, Shibaozhai, pea pot boat to explore Shenong/Shennv Stream will illustrate the majesty of historical relic culture, natural scenery and local life, revoke the past and present of Yangtze River.

Variety Fun Activities on Board

The Chinese culture lecture, Taiji class, Chinese calligraphic and painting, or Chinese cooking class for those who like to get experience an in-depth Chinese culture and customs. You never fell bore at night, the crews’ show are involve acrobatic show, magic show, folk dancing and join-in games and performance, watch a move, or a watch a documentaries about the Three Gorges Dam project.

Chinese & Western Style Buffet Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Chief on board are all highly-train and get professional skills, the food they serve would accommodate passengers from different nations no matter for kids or gluten-free people, Chinese and western style buffet with gourmet fare and specialty dishes featuring exotic ingredients.

2.5 Guests to Each Staff Member

To evaluate the star rating ship, in addition to ship amenities, the ratio of staff member and passengers also counted as an important evaluation stander. The cruise ships we sell are approach to 2.5 guests to each staff member, it means very 2-3 visitors have one crew on serve, all cruise lines pamper their guests with first-class service around the clock.

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