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Tracker – a traditional world Yangtze

There are two kinds of roads along the Yangtze are coTracker, Yangtze Riverming to attracts tourists. One is the ancient plank road, the other is the trackers' path.

Before engines were introduced into the Three Gorges, trackers were forced to move heavy cargo upstream the Yangtze. They were at the bottom of life. They have nothing to wear, even die without any attention. Look at the paths, the cut on the rocks and cliffs by trackers' ropes, the chains on the cliff, and the pits on their path. We can imagine how hard there life was.

Trackers are gone on the Yangtze. But some remain at the tributes of the Yangtze, such as the Lesser Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, etc. And their working conditions are much different now.

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