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Yangtze & One Popular Destination Tours

The tours provide great combination of Yangtze cruise and one other popular destination, see both essential culture and sites within a limited time, those trips are hand-picked from our 6,000 customers choose, whereas we includes China domestic flights in the itinerary for ease up the tour. One price buy everything of flights, accomandation, meals, private gudie & driver, Pick want interest you and we do the rest.

Chongqing & Yangtze Tour


  • See Well-persevere hundreds year architecture in Ciqikou, Chongqing.
  • Get up close to living fossil of Panda.
  • Amaze by the stunning Three Gorges Dam in Yangtze.

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Shanghai & Yangtze Tour


  • Feast by Skyline in Pudong district.
  • Walk along World’s constriction complex in the Bund.
  • Enjoy cruise on the China’s longest river- Yangtze.

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More City Tours with Yangtze

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Chengdu & Yangtze Tours

  • Visit Panda Breeding and Research Center in Chengdu.
  • Taste Chinese well-famous Snack in Chengdu.
  • Wonder around the historical sites along Yangtze.
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Guilin & Yangtze Tours

  • Li River & Yangtze are at it's best on both worlds.
  • Countryside tour reveals REAL Chinese faming life.
  • Experience the vivid life of boat tracker on Yangtze.
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Beijing & Yangtze Tours

  • Shock by the Chinese royal imperial culture in Beijing.
  • Hiking to the eighth world wonders - the Great Wall.
  • Enjoy the leisure time on delightful and qualify Yangtze cruise.