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Three Gorges Dam Schedule

Selection of the Dam Site
The first Phase
The Second Phase
The Third Phase

The Three Gorges Dam Project, which is the world largest water and power project, was kicked off on December 14,1994. The total construction period will be 17 years.

Selection Of The Site
Sandouping, 7 km from the entrance of Xiling Gorge at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, was selected as the site of the Three Gorges Dam in 1959. The river here is much bigger than it is in other area. There is a small island named Zhongbaodao in the middle of this part of the river. It is the best choice of the site for the dam.

The 1st Phase Of The Construction: 1993 - Nov.1997
The planning of the project was started in 1993. The actual building of the Dam started on 14 Dec. 1994. ZhongbaoIsland was used to build dyke A to dam the river water and to connect the right bank with the other dyke. In order to build the main part of the Dam and the diversion channel afterwards, foundation work B and foundation work C which is long and thin were built in the dry riverbed. At the same time, channel construction such as Lock D started.

The 2nd Phase Of The Construction: Nov. 1997 - 2003
Dyke A was built and the left bank was connected to another dyke. Later, the flood-relief dam and the main part of the Dam B for the installation of generators were built in the dry riverbed and then, 14 generators were installed. Diversion Channel C was opened to navigation and it was dammed again in Nov. 2002.

The 3rd Phase Of The Construction: 2003-2009
Diversion channel is dammed. Dyke A is being built and the right bank with the other dyke will be connected again. Reservoir begins to store water and generating set B on the left side will be put into operation. The five stage ship lock C will be put into operation. The main part of the Dam D for installation 12 generators is being built on dry riverbed.

Completion: In 2009
The height of the Three Gorges Dam will be 185 meters. That would be the biggest dam in the world. All 26 generators will be put into operation by 2009.

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