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News of Three Gorges Dam

Ralated Latest News of Three Gorges Project

Ralated Latest News of Three Gorges ProjectThree Gorges Notice
The next phase of the Three Gorges Dam project will commence construction on the 10 September 2006 and continue until the 30th June 2007, a period of 10 months. During this time Yangtze River cruise ships will berth at Peace dock about 33 klms from downtown Yichang. Passengers will disembark and take an excursion to the Three Georges dam site providing an excellent opportunity to get a close look at this huge construction project. After the excursion, passengers will be transferred in a private vehicle to the hotel in Yichang or to continue as per the tour itinerary. Passengers on the upstream cruise will also board at peace dock to start their amazing cruise. The Shanghai--Chongqing / Chongqing—Shanghai cruise lines won’t be affected by the Three Gorges Dam project.

June 16 The Trial Navigation of the Ship Lock
The world witnessed on Monday morning the trial navigation of the permanent two-way five-step ship lock of the Three Gorges Dam. With the lock in operation, ships will be able to pass through the dam in about two and a half hours via the 6.44-km-long dock.

June 10 The Dam Completed Water Storage in Advance
By 10 pm June 10, the water level of the Three Gorges Dam reached originally-planned 135 meters. The dam completed the water storage 5 days ahead of the schedule. The first two power generating units started their trial operations the same day and Yangtze River will resume its navigation on June 15.

June 1 A Great Success: Closed the Lock and Hold Water...
At 9am, June 1, with the press on the switch, the No.20 sluice gate began to be closed and the Three Gorges Dam started to fill. In 15 days, the water will rise from 100 meters to 135 meters. The storing of the water in the dam is a milestone in the development of the world's largest hydropower project.

May 28 Possible Influence on the Flow of Water...
The riverbed and the flow of water in the section near Chongqing on the Yangtze River must undertake great changes when the reservoir begin to hold water on June 1. The water will reflux westward, which will bring several potential troubles:
1. Ships need to keep changing routes due to the continuous rise of the water;
2. The conflict of water running in tow opposite directions will probably cause ships to hit on the rocks;
3. There is possibility that the anchor is dredged and that the cable is broken off when ships ascend with the rising water.

May 22 Reservoir will Hold Water...
The reservoir will hold the water that reaches 135 meters above the sea level on June 16. Since it is drier when it came into May this year, the water will rise to 98 meters before the locks are closed on June 1 to hold the water.

May 21 Green Light to Fill the Reservoir...
The expert panel of the committee specializing in checking dam projects under the State Council today gives the green light to fill the reservoir of the Three Gorges dam on June 1 as scheduled and agrees that the dam can be open to navigation on June 16. From then on, all the ships will sail across the five-stage locks to pass the dam.

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