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Nanjing Travel Tips

Weather: Nanjing is situated in the subtropical zoon with four distinct seasons; the yearly average temperature is around 15.4 degree centigrade and the precipitation is 1106mm. the hottest month usually in June and July with the temperature up to 39 degree centigrade, we suggest to bring light cloth, hats, sun block and bring enough water when go out for sightseeing to escape from the heat. The coldest time of the year is in January with the temperature will falls to 2 degrees below zero, a woolen jacket and gloves are suggested to wear to keep warm.

Airport: Nanjing Lukou International Airport
The first build of Lukou International Airport is in 1995 and completed in 1997. The design capacity of flights is 36 million per year; the annual passenger capacity is up to 40 million. Nowadays the airport has opened 85 domestic flights and 48 international flights to Asian and European countries including direct flights from Nanjing to Singapore, Seoul, South Korea and Osaka, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao, etc. And the city's regular direct flights from Nanjing to Beijing and transit to Los Angeles, Frankfurt, London, Moscow and Vancouver.
Distance from airport to city: 35 km
Duration (one way): 40 min.
Tickets for Airport Bus (one way): CNY 20 per person
Taxi Fee (one way): CNY 100

The official language in Nanjing is Mandarin since Chinese capital government move to Nanjing in the early years, but the local dialect is different due to the age, area, and family back ground, the most distinctive features is for their pronunciation of the initials.

Tourists are easy to encounter banks or AIM machines on the street in every important sights and shopping malls. For foreign tourists holding the master or visa card that opened account in foreign banks, you can only withdraw money at the following national banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of China (BOC), and China Construction Bank (CCB).

Useful Phone Numbers
We provided as following official emergency phone numbers for certain emerging cases.
Tourist Hotline: 025-5261179
Ambulance Numbers: 120
Police Station: 110 (foreigner's section 552729)
Fire: 119
Tel No. Enquiry Hot Line: 114
Administration of Exit and Entry of Nanjing Public Security Bureau: 025-84420004(for tourist Visa and Passport issue)

Hotels and public area in Nanjing provided with 220 volts, 50 cycles electric outlet.

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