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Yangtze River Tours' Customer Feedback

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We believe that the customers’ evaluation are the best presentation for our company, the below is what customers say to us, and it may help you to make a quick decision of your China tour.

Client: Rose-Marie

Tour Dates: April 9, 2017 - April 9, 2017

Tour Title: 1 Day Shanghai Tour

Dear Ms Wen,I would like to congratulate you on having such special people working for you such as Mr Leon Long. My friend and I are making our first trip to China and unfortunately it is too short. We want to make the most of our 36 hour stay, and with... Read more >

Client: Branka

Tour Dates: January 21, 2017 - February 13, 2017

Tour Title: 24 Days Chengdu, Xian, Shanghai, Hong Kong Tour

Dear Vanessa,thank you for your interest in my impressions about my trip partly organized by your company. Since I work in China it was my Spring festival vacation with the aim to see of China as much as I can before returning home to Europe.Let me try to... Read more >

Client: Alberto

Tour Dates: January 24, 2017 - January 26, 2017

Tour Title: 3 Days Guilin, Yangshuo Tour

Hi Vivi: We finally just got home from our trip to SE Asia including our trip to Guilin and family from Fujian province.First off, thank you so much for arranging a wonderful trip to Guilin with your company. We had a great time and great guide Henry. I... Read more >

Client: Celia

Tour Dates: January 26, 2017 - January 28, 2017

Tour Title: 3 Days Shanghai Tour

We had a great time! Glad we spent the extra to get the roomy Buses. They were very nice clean and new and comfortable.The guide was terrific! Mary was a very very good guide! Read more >

Client: Ravindra

Tour Dates: December 23, 2016 - January 2, 2017

Tour Title: 11 Days Kunming, Shanghai Tour

Hello Vaneesa!We're back. Thank you. Excellent service, we were very happy. We would highly recommend your companyThanks again!Ravindra Read more >

Client: Aniko

Tour Dates: November 7, 2016 - November 7, 2016

Tour Title: 1 Day Shanghai Tour

Hi Vanessa,We got home from our cruise recently and I just wanted to drop a line to tell you we were very satisfied with the service you provided.As it was only one day I don’t have much to say, but Jen was lovely and the driver was on time , so... Read more >

Client: Irene

Tour Dates: November 9, 2016 - November 9, 2016

Tour Title: 1 Day Shanghai Tour

Hi Vivi,It was a lovely trip. The guide and the driver were wonderful and Suzhou and Tongli were beautiful. I did not have any disappointments. Read more >

Client: Kevin

Tour Dates: October 31, 2016 - November 3, 2016

Tour Title: 4 Days Chongqing, Yichang, Yangtze Tour

Hi LeonEverything was great on the cruise....we are glad we upgraded and everything was just as you told us. Excursions great and crew really helpful.One thing that could have some without was the selling of even more upgrades when you arrived. It was not a... Read more >

Client: Kevin

Tour Dates: October 24, 2016 - October 25, 2016

Tour Title: 2 Days Beijing Tour

Ms Vicky Wen,On behalf of my wife and myself I wish to thank you for the amazing time we had visiting your country, our tour guide Rennie (not sure if my spelling is right) was very informative on all the sights we visited. We booked our tour for 2 days we... Read more >

Client: Peter

Tour Dates: October 17, 2016 - October 17, 2016

Tour Title: 1 Day Yichang Tour

Hello Vicky,Thank you so much for assisting me with the China experience you provided through your booking service .. and in particular Vanessa ..Every booking I made was easy and went to plan.Overall ..  My China trip was a great  .. and a... Read more >