China Cruises

China cruises

China is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery in the entire world and for this reason attracts scores of explorers and travel enthusiasts every year. A visit to China is incomplete without a cruise trip down its rushing waters that hold not only the charm of nature but also the rich traditions of centuries within its many folds. A cruising holiday in China can not only let you revere and appreciate the bloom and beauty of nature in its full accord, but will also give you a chance to walk into the arms of the diverse history of the region which is royal, rich and intensifying to its core.

While there is no end to the scenic and magnificent natural beauty in China, the two main cruises that have been a popular tourist hot cake since decades are down the two most celebrated rivers in China – the Li River and the Yangtze. The clear blue sky, spectacular surroundings and a calm and relaxing environment can take you into a different dimension while you relish the highs and lows of the sparkling white waters on the cruise. The best thing about these trips is that they offer something for everyone and let the explorer experience and savor the beauty of the area at their own pace.

Yangtze River Cruise

yangtze river cruise

The Yangtze is the third largest river on the world map, and while sailing through its gushing white waters you can experience and acknowledge how China has evolved over the years and transformed itself from a cultural melting pot of yesteryears to the technological giant that it is today. Starting at the heart of Shanghai, travelling through the splendor of green scenery and massive canyons, the trip through the Yangtze Cruise converges into the fragrant villages and orchards of Wanzou and Yichang in the end and leaves you spellbound and mesmerized of its beauty and charm.

Best Yangze Cruise Ships
Ships Cabin Price Book
President 1 Cabin with Balcony $389
President Prime Deluxe Balcony Cabin $439
Victoria Jenna Superior Cabin $559
CH Victoria Standard Cabin $339

Yangtze River Speedboat

The speed boat cruise will take you through the highlights of the journey without paying hefty charges, and you will be lost in the scenic beauty of the region and make you think that you are actually breezing through the realms of beauty rather than travelling the lengths of the river on a speedboat.

Shanghai Huangpu Cruise

They say that the entire history, diversity and culture of China can be merged into a single word – Shanghai. The Shanghai Huangpu Cruise serves as the true symbol and emblem of the Shanghai traditions and invites its visitors to wage deeper into the realms of the historical Chinese dynasties.

Huangpu River Cruise Tour

  • Evening Huangpu River Cruise and Bund City Lights
  • Li River Cruise

    The Li River Cruise, stretching from the heavenly Guilin to the picturesque Yangshuo, boasts of some of the most enchanting and breathtaking scenarios over the world map. Tucked away in the heart of green hills and rocky mountains, the whole sight is like a canvas painted with the most beautiful colors that Mother Nature could find. The change in the landscape as you sail comprises of artistic strokes that transform from lush green canopies to rich rustic canyons with an out-of-the-world aura.

    Li River Cruise Tour

  • Guilin Scenery and Yangtze River Cruise Escape
  • Li River Bamboo Rafting

    Nothing can be more satisfying and relaxing than lying on a bamboo raft in the deep murky waters of the river Li and watch the serene and enchanting surroundings drift by like a heavenly dream in a rippling soft breeze.

    Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise

    The Two Rivers and Four Lakes cruise is one of the highlights of Guilin cruises, because it offers an experience like no other to the avid tourist. Spanning a total cruise time of about 2 hours, it is hard to believe that you can actually have an experience of a lifetime while sailing through the beautifully lit waters on this cruise.

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